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Orange Route Cancelled

Commissioner Nicely with Victor Ashe and H. E. Bittle

Commissioner Nicely announces cancellation of the O-route while long time opponents of the project Victor Ashe and H. E. Bittle confer.

See the June 25 2010 Knoxville News Sentinel article Orange Route Axed

See the Federal Register Sept. 21, 2009 Notice to Rescind: "... the Notice of Intent published on November 4, 2005 to prepare a SEIS for the proposed Route 475 (Knoxville Parkway) ... is being rescinded."

itizens Against the Beltway Orange aLignment (CABOL) opposed the proposed Knoxville Parkway (Beltway) I-475 Orange Route because it didn't solve traffic problems along I-40 and would only lead to more sprawl, congestion and pollution. The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) was planning to spend almost a billion dollars to achieve a mere 9% reduction in traffic along I-40 through Knoxville. CABOL believes the real purpose of the Beltway was to convert rural lands and open spaces into sprawl.

SR475 Knoxville Parkway proposed route map

Proposed West and East SR-475 Beltways - Click Map for Larger View

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CABOL, Inc. is a Tennessee nonprofit corporation governed by a board of directors. We have four officers and the following committees: Legal, Membership, Publicity, Technical and Fundraising. Our board and committees have representatives from each area along the proposed 475 Beltway.